Seeking to draw public ire over the untenable and toxic filibuster den the US Senate's become, President Obama will nominate three judges to a crucial federal court in coming days, then dare Republicans to flaunt their obstinacy.

Chinese hackers continue to poke holes in the apparently flimsy security systems protecting some of our greatest secrets. Those guys are the best. Someone should make a movie.

Did you know they've probably cracked Australia's security, too? I envision all of this mayhem is the product of a small, boisterous band of techy troublemakers, operating incognito out of a Shanghai slum. Their leader is a guy known only as "Shakes." He's charming and a hit with the ladies, but has a shadowy past and some pretty suspicious scars. Someone start writing this screenplay, already.

Don't worry about China's persistent theft of our info, though. We've asked them to stop.

Agh! And someone in China flushed their baby down a toilet. He survived and is stable! But the pictures aren't too pleasant.

Planned Parenthood and its supporters notched an important victory today, when the Supreme Court declined to consider whether a state law could stop the organization from getting Medicaid funding. That means an appeals court ruling striking down an Indiana law will stand.

Some seven months ago, two men met on a windswept stretch of coastline to set aside their differences in pursuit of a common goal. The meeting earned President Obama a much needed lift just before his re-election, and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie the spite of many fellow Republicans. And today they're doing it again!

Pakistani militants are killing people trying to rid the nation of polio?

Nike can't believe that one of the factories it contracts with in Cambodia—that bastion of worker's rights—might pay its employees poorly.

Today in important science: Google Eyes Help Rats Watch for Birds. You're quite welcome.

'Twas a bleak and drizzly ride to work this morning, the Weather Widget goading me the entire way like a deranged Tony Robbins.


Speaking of motivation, I'm feeling a little beleaguered after the long weekend. But I've got SO MUCH to do. Where will I ever find the confidence to tackle it all, you might be wondering. Boom: