Another week, another Mercury music section that doesn't have nearly the crisp, quaffable freshness of what '90s boy band Hanson has brewed up for their 21st anniversary as a band: delicious Mmmhops beer, named after their immortal hit song "Mmmbop." At last! Twelve-year-old girls and paunchy, unshaven beer knurds finally have something in common. (Yes, Hanson's Mmmhops beer is an actual thing.)

Do you know how your record-sausage is made? We paid a visit to Telegraph Mastering for the lowdown on the mysterious process of mastering, where owner/operator/masterer Adam Gonsalves (pictured above) demonstrated one of the only vinyl lathes in Portland.

Scranton pop-punkers Tigers Jaw are on its final lap. It's not exactly a victory lap, but there's still plenty to celebrate.

And the usual rigamarole of Up & Coming shows!