This is interesting. Local comic Todd Armstrong just released a pilot for a web series called Permanent Comedy, billed as "A web-series that follows Todd as he interviews Comedians, Artists and Friends about comedy, life and making permanent choices in both." What that translates to, at least in the pilot, is Armstrong interviewing local comics Xander Deveaux and Kristine Levine as they get tattooed. Here's a teaser:

You can watch the full pilot over here.

I emailed Armstrong to ask him what inspired him to create the show:

"The show came to mind a few years ago when I started to make comedy my full-time living. I would hear crazy stories from road comics; get offered free tattoos after shows; see funny and horrible tattoos on other comics; hear how and why people became comedians and advice people wished they would have given their "young self". These stories and interactions are better than most comics' material.

My wife is a hair stylist and she would come home and tell me how open and honest her clients were about their lives. Whenever I would get tattooed, the artist and I would always engage in the same open and honest dialog. This was the birth of the pilot! A few years and a lot of favors later, I directed and co-produced the pilot along with Wolf Wise Media. The show will have me interviewing comedians while we both get tattooed and talk about how comedy has changed our lives and how your words are permanent on the internet, why they have tattoos, what they think of Portland."

There you have it! There's no shortage of comedian-interview shows out there, but conducting the interview while a comedian is getting a tattoo sure adds an interesting twist.