So Portland does a MUCH better job than New York City of providing bike parking. This is my understanding, at least, from folks who live in New York City and marvel at the ease with which we Portlanders lock up any old place, relatively unconcerned (compared to New Yorkers) about theft.

But the very fact Portland does such a damn decent job somehow makes the outrage all-the-more palpable when you can't find parking, right? It's for this reason I support the civic-improvement efforts well-known video maker/bike guy Casey Neistat displays below.

Yes, NYC heavies made Neistat remove the rack, but that's NYC. The scenario I envision in Portland plays out thusly:

-You surreptitiously install a bike rack.
-The City doesn't realize or doesn't care OR
-The City realizes and cares and asks you to remove the rack, but you jujitsu the whole scenario, framing the city as bike-hating monsters in various press releases and blog posts.
-The City relents.
-You're greeted as a hero and liberator.

Someone prove me right. I'm too busy to try it.