Performing Anna Conners Nest.
  • Image courtesy of Pacific Dance Makers
  • Performing Anna Conner's Nest.

The show began the minute you entered the door, with a performance-installation by Dawn Stoppiello, who is dancing by herself to the song “Dancing with Myself.” This weekend was the second Pacific Dance Makers showcase, which brought together six female choreographers of the Pacific Northwest for a pleasant, intimate show at BodyVox. Included was Carla Mann’s work, Displaced (originally part of Ten Tiny Dances in 2006) a distorted projection of her dancing alone, on a stage, her shadow looming behind her, growing and shrinking; it goes on a bit too long, but that helps to give the work its effective fever dream feeling. Rachel Slater’s work is also concerned with the interior—looking at the nature of panic attacks. Anna Conner’s “Nest," of my favorites, focuses on two women (Anna Conner and Julia Cross). In undergarments, the two dancers keep an intense squat. Gyrating, it starts out sexual but the motion is so repetitious it crosses over to the grotesque and eerie.

Choreographer and dancer Éowyn Emerald Barrett is the organizer of Pacific Dance Makers; she choreographed the first piece of the night, I Asked of You (originally part of the BodyVox-2 winter premieres show). Featuring four dancers in lace tights and nude tops, it's all grace and lithe movements, and a pleasure to watch.

The showcase was one-night only, but still seems worth a mention—a few of the performances will have later incarnations, including Barrett’s, which will appear at the Fringe Festival in Scotland this summer.