As oft mentioned in this platform, I love me some The Adventures of Pete & Pete—the classic Nick kids show from the mid-90s that Allmusic rightly calls "the greatest children's show ever." Don't believe them or me? Check out the clearly smarter Alison Hallett's take on the Pete & Pete zine and show HERE.

Now that you're convinced, get ready to SQUEEEEEE because PetesFest—the official Pete & Pete reunion is coming to the Hollywood Theatre on June 28 & 29. One, two, three… SQUEEEEEEEEEE! From the Hollywood's site:

PetesFest is an all-ages event, featuring two nights of Q&A, live music, and more, with Adventures of Pete & Pete creators Will McRobb and Chris Viscardi, and actors Michael C. Maronna (Big Pete), Danny Tamberelli (Little Pete), and Toby Huss (Artie); along with a Pete & Pete-themed art show, KrebScout merit badges, the re-release of Pete & Pete tribute zine Waiting for October, and much, much more.

OMG! Get advance tickets (before I buy them all up) for the June 28 & 29 show at 7:30 pm HERE (they're only $10 a pop). OR fork over $25 for a private reception with the gang! And get this: Any profits from Petesfest goes to homeless-youth mentorship program P:ear and the Hollywood Theater’s youth education initiatives. I LOVE THE PETES SOOOOOO MUCH!!!