No one really knows why baby boomers are killing themselves at such an extremely high rate.

The men who run the military, struggling to handle an "epidemic" or reported sex crimes, are bristling over a bill that would strip the power of investigation from commanders and hand it to independent prosecutors uncolored by rank-and-file politics.

Some House Republicans dislike each other almost as much as they dislike working with Democrats and that Muslim radical Americans re-elected as president.

Thousands-strong protests against the Turkish government's failed promise of democracy have led to a reported death at the hand of government forces. There are reports the country's deputy prime minister is trying to meet with protesters to calm what's spiraling into a full-blown revolution.

The American invasion of Iraq has finally begun producing a long-promised boom in oil profits. But for China.

In Afghanistan, protesters demanded the arrest of American soldiers—and dug up and paraded around corpses of people they claimed were torture victims.

Chemical weapons, a "red line" for America monitoring Syria's civil war, appear to have been used at least four times during the conflict, according to a United Nations commission.

A former Navy SEAL has come out as a woman—freed from having to pretend she was a "guy's guy."

The trial of Bradley Manning, held for months in grim, isolating conditions on suspicion he shared classified diplomatic cables with WikiLeaks, has begun.

Boston's fire chief has resigned after deputies went public with snarky complaints he failed to take command of his department's response to the Boston Marathon bombings.

About that IRS tax scandal... it seems maybe up to three-quarters of the groups selected for review weren't actually enemies of the White House.

Federal data shows a troubling disparity: African Americans are about four times as likely to be arrested on marijuana charges as whites, even though both groups use the stuff at the same rate.

Hey, Portland! Seattle wants your Loos!