According to a new study, giving birth and getting it on are physiologically more similar than we thought. A new survey study in the journal Sexologies last month reported that some women experience ecstatic or “orgasmic” births; about .03% of midwives have witnessed women having orgasms during birth. Debra Pascali-Bonaro, a childbirth educator and director of the 2009 documentary “Orgasmic Birth: The Best Kept Secret,” said that all of the limitations women have in hospitals (i.e. no water, restraining fetal monitoring devices) make it harder for women to imagine a pleasurable birth experience. “SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!” screamed all the women giving birth right now.

In an effort to get some respect and legal protection from the law, “AMMAR” (the association of women prostitutes of Argentina) has started an ad campaign called “corner.” The ads depict a prostitute on one side of the building, then seeing their hand pushing a stroller or holding their kids’ hands on the perpendicular wall. Above the pictures of children will read various statements like “86% of sex workers are mothers that are looking for laws to protect them against exploitation.” The purpose of AMMAR was originally just to prevent sex trade workers from getting rearrested and detained within 24 hours. The organization’s current goal is to see prostitution in Argentina legalized and acknowledged as legitimate employment. Meanwhile in America, all you have to have to be "legitimately employed" is a Jersey accent and a love affair with Jose Cuervo.

Israel’s being naughty again. Only this time, it doesn't involve bombing Syria. Several female members from the Israeli army recently got busted for posting raunchy photos of themselves online. The photos ranged from mooning the camera next to barely-clad soldiers, to posing in only their combat fatigues. Though the soldiers will be punished and sent to educational lectures to help prevent any further inappropriate behavior, the remaining photos will be sent to Tuchis Monthly, Barely Jewish, and Knishes Gone Wild.

Former Glee star Charice recently came out as a lesbian in an interview with “The Buzz.” Charice has been deemed “the most talented girl in the world” by Oprah, and was discovered through her songs on YouTube. She joined the Glee cast in it’s second season. Upon hearing that another Glee star was gay, all of America said, “And…?”

On May 29th, mayor of the French city Montpelier married her first gay couple, and is now experiencing the backlash of being a pioneer in the gay rights movement. Helene Mandroux has been receiving a slew of death threats, hate mail, and even bags of feces for participating in this movement. Riots have been spreading all throughout France as a backlash to the recent legalization of gay marriage. The backlash has reportedly elevated to the point that all over France, you can see angry Frenchmen attacking people in the streets with baguettes and cheeky ennui.