Let's see what's in this week's mailbag o' tricks, shall we?

—Everyone's an expert on condom testing now, I guess! Reader "jc" offers us some sage advice on "a more accurate method to test a condom's overall ability to withstand failure." These condom thingies are really starting to make me nervous.

—Are we over the F-word thing now? Can we go back to being relatively like minded, generally good willed individuals who enjoy a spirited intellectual spar and/or political debate now and then? Here's another F-word for you: Friends.

—Portland is a city with big hopes and dreams... but are our appetites more active than our businesses? Most def, says reader "ws."

Remember Occupy Portland? Of course you do.

—You love it, you hate it... and we kind of loved it. What are we supposed to think about this restaurant??!!

—And lastly: the great debate about... greeting cards. I guess we have moved on, you guys!!! <3

Ride, Trojans, ride.