Pedalpalooza Kickoff Party (Via)
  • Pedalpalooza Kickoff Party (Via)

BranxPedalpalooza Kickoff Party: Federale, Grandparents, 8:30 pm, free, all ages
Alberta Rose Theatre–Joy Kills Sorrow, 8 pm, $12-14
Bunk Bar–Sera Cahoone, Adam Shearer, 9 pm, $8-10
Doug Fir–Cabin Project, Finn Riggins, Genders, 9 pm, $8
Holocene–Holocene Turns 10: Roman Flugel, Miracles Club, Gulls, Golden Retriever, DJ Beyondadoubt, Nathan Detroit, Community Library DJs, 8:30 pm, free
Kelly's Olympian–Burner Courage, Swim Swam Swum, Excuses, 9 pm, $5
Kenton Club–Bison Bison, Crag Dweller, Holy Grove, Mammoth Salmon, 9 pm, free
Langano Lounge–Jeremy Lee Faulkner, Sedan, The Ocean Floor, 9 pm, free
LaurelThirst Public House–Lewi Longmire & The Left Coast Roasters, 6 pm; Denver, Meridian, Barna Howard, 9:30 pm, free
Meetro Cafe–Bike Thief, Noble Firs, 7:30 pm, free, all ages
Mississippi Studios–Mikal Cronin, Shannon & The Clams, Old Light, 9 pm, $10-12
Rotture–Blank Realm, Cool Meiners, Pacific City Nightlife Vision, Focus Troup, DJ Spencer Clark, DJ Mike McGonigal, 9 pm, $5