The trailer for Woody Allen's new movie turned up today and... well... without going into too much detail, yuck.

Okay, here's a little more detail: Blue Jasmine stars Cate Blanchett as a rich white person who is sad about stuff—money, or lack of it, judging by the trailer. But we also see her at fancy dinner parties and receiving expensive gifts from Alec Baldwin, so who really knows how poor she is. Blue Jasmine looks like one of Allen's "serious" movies, without a joke or gag or labored one-liner to be found. This is a problem, as the movie also stars the funniest man in the world, Louis CK (who's in the trailer for literally less than one second), and... Andrew Dice Clay? Okay, Diceman in a non-comedic Woody Allen movie is something I can get behind.

But—and I say this as a lover of more Woody Allen films than one can reasonably defend—this just looks whiny, solipsistic, and depressing. Even Blanchett looks irritating in this. The few shafts of light look like they come from the always amazing Sally Hawkins (as Blanchett's sister, I think) and the underrated Bobby Canavale, who I'm guessing plays the blue-collar, down-to-earth guy who turns Blanchett's WASP-y world of privilege on its ear. Expect outdated class jokes, a spectacularly nearsighted worldview, and perhaps about 10 minutes of exceptional filmmaking.

(Other weird things of note: Apparently much of the movie is set in San Francisco, definitely not Allen's milieu—a good sign. And the typeset of the title and cast cards are not in the instantly recognizable Windsor font that has labeled virtually all of Allen's movies, which would be a good sign if it weren't for that awful, washed-blue thing that's going on instead. Oh, and Peter Sarsgaard and Michael Stuhlbarg are apparently in this, too, but I didn't spot them in the trailer.)