By all accounts, last night's Mercury Pedalpalooza kick-off party was a goddamn kick in the pants (which is to say, "funnnnnn")—and there's more fun to come! For example:

Tonight! Run-DMC vs. Beastie Boys Ride! Get out your flyest Adidas tracksuit (velvet preferable) and polish up your shell-toes. This one's gonna bump.

Saturday 8: World Naked Bike Ride! (Maybe consider a seat cover?)

Thursday 13: Kids Pedal Free Ride! Move over, fixies! Portland's young'uns ride without pedals! (For example, Skoots!) Led by the Merc's own Scrappers!

Thursday 20: Bud Clark's Expose Yourself to Art Ride! Former mayor leads a tour of PDX public art. Not sure if it's nude or not!

Saturday 22: Things Portland Didn't Build Ride! Portland, you dream big! Here's a tour of places and things that should've (or maybe not) been built.

And ohhhh... there's so much more here! But be sure to check in on our top ten curated list as well!

NOW! Pics from last night's super duper fun Pedalpalooza Kick-Off Party! (Hat tips to swell photog Emily Leong for sharing the action!)

  • Credit: Emily Leong

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  • Credit: Emily Leong

  • Credit: Emily Leong

  • Credit: Emily Leong

  • Credit: Emily Leong