There's a new Pew Research study out on attitudes about gay rights, and among all the usual trends—older Americans being less supportive of gay rights, everyone nevertheless conceding that gay marriage is inevitable—comes one unusual finding. As Michael Dimock, director of the Pew Research Center explained it to NPR:

Younger Americans are slightly more likely to say homosexuality is a choice.

But! What's even more striking about this trend is that it's not heralding some sort of return to the past. It's a result of the old, polarized language about homosexuality being a "choice" slowly becoming foreign to young Americans—so foreign that it now confuses them.

"They're not really engaged in the question of what it is," Dimock told NPR. "All they know is that it's OK with them." So, when a pollster asks them whether homosexuality is a choice, they don't hear a word laden with disapproval and political poison. They just say: "Yeah, it's a fine choice."