New music from the Mean Jeans! Their latest release is a split 7-inch on It's Alive Records, with two new boppers on one side, and two tracks from the Underground Railroad to Candyland on the flipside. The Jeans' new tracks, "Possessed to Party" and "Terminally Twisted" are both top-notch, Ramones-y party punk. I'll post the kickoff, "Possessed to Party," which brings back to life those immortal words, "Sha la la la." Hear the whole thing, and pick up a copy, over at It's Alive. And dig that cover art by Brian Connolly.

The Harvey Girls, Load B, Summer Cannibals, and Hausu after the jump!

Here's something truly nuts. Portland duo the Harvey Girls just released their new EP (the second of four planned for 2013) and it's a collaborative effort of a very unconventional sort. They combined tracks with those of five fellow musicians/bands/friends—including Benoit Pioulard, Bill Lamboley, Victor Scott, James Poolner, and Matt Smith—having in each case decided on the key, tempo (BPM), and style beforehand. But the catch is that neither party could hear the other's half before writing their half and committing it to tape. The result is a collection of accidents and spontaneous collaboration. It's really, really weird. Of course, some pieces are more successful than others, but the whole thing is a wild experiment that's exhilarating to hear.

Portland's self-described "most detestable rap group" Load B sent their debut album Debauchery my way, and here's a track called "Rebellion," with a beat so thick and dark you can stand a coffee spoon up in it. Load B are emcees Milc and Brill, and this thing was produced by Dust with beats by Chemist, Johnny Juliano, Ready Rock Productions, Chase n' Dough, Harry Fraud, and Ive League. Go over to Bandcamp to hear the whole thing, which, according to the boys, "should not be listened to by anyone under any circumstances."

Portland band Summer Cannibals are releasing their debut album No Makeup on August 6 via their own label New Moss Records (which is also home to Sun Angle's recent album). Here's the first single, the cool, strutting "Wear Me Out." Summer Cannibals has inherited members from sorta synthy indie-pop band Your Canvas, but this is a rock band through and through, and Summer Cannibals are playing the PDX Pop Now! compilation release show at Backspace this Friday. (They've also got more local dates slated for the summer: June 22 at the Know, June 29 at the Star Theater, July 6 at the Doug Fir, and August 1 at Mississippi Studios for No Makeup's record release show.)

I'll end today with another Hausu song. I briefly posted "Chrysanthemum" last week, but it's worthy of additional attention in case you missed it. The opening track from Hausu's excellent debut album, Total, "Chrysanthemum" is one of two tracks named after flowers ("Gardenia" is the other). It opens with chiming guitars before the match is struck; once it catches on fire, the rest of band careens into a complicated but wholly melodic mini-epic that's alternately stormy and calm. Hausu left for a national tour, their biggest to date, last week and are now in Minneapolis. Their next hometown show is MFNW in September.