New York Times:

The American Civil Liberties Union on Tuesday filed a lawsuit against the Obama administration over its “dragnet” collection of logs of domestic phone calls, contending that the once-secret program — whose existence was exposed by a former National Security Agency contractor last week — is illegal and asking a judge to both stop it and order the records purged....

This case may be different [from ACLU cases that have been dismissed]. The government has now declassified the existence of the program on domestic call record “metadata.” And the A.C.L.U. itself is a customer of Verizon Business Network Services — the subsidiary of Verizon Communications that was the recipient of a leaked secret court order for all its domestic calling records — which it says gives it direct standing to bring the lawsuit.

I'm gonna send the ACLU a check on my next payday. I'd reckon that if anyone can beat back the Obama administration's overreach—or at least give them a real run for their money—it's the ACLU's squadron of lawyers and cavalry of cooperating attorneys. if you want more, check out the Huffington Post, where they've posted the complaint.