Six months in, Spring Breakers is one of my favorite movies of 2013. (I might be forgetting some stuff, but offhand, the only film I can remember liking more was Sightseers. But I haven't seen Frances Ha yet, which everybody I've spoken to fucking loved.) Anyway, that means I'm intrigued by this tweet by Los Angeles Times entertainment writer Chris Lee:

Okay! Also: THERE IS NO WAY THAT SPRING BREAKERS CAN GET MORE SIZZURPED. Or is there? If anybody can sizzurp up Spring Breakers even more, I guess it'd be Harmony Korine; I am terrified (and excited?) to see what such a thing might look like. Meanwhile, if you want to see the theatrical cut of Spring Breakers on the big screen—an experience I would highly recommend, assuming you aren't my mother—it's still playing at the Laurelhurst (2735 E Burnside) every night at 9:30, at least through Thursday, June 20. The fact that the Laurelhurst is not offering sizzurp at their concessions counter seems like a grave oversight.