This is the End opens this Friday in a cinematheque near you—and you can read my review of it right here! And before we get to the video of Danny McBride pissing all over the Portland Real World walls, I'd like to add a couple of notes about the film that I didn't have room for in the print edition:

1) Danny McBride's character should've been played by Michael Cera. I describe how Michael gets the ever-loving shit slapped out of him by Rihanna in the movie—which is one of its greatest scenes—but his grotesque character out-grotesques Danny's character, which is why he should've been given the meatier role. And it would have been 38 percent more funny.

2) I'm kinda tired of bro movies. Don't get me wrong, This is the End is a great bro movie, and very funny nearly all the way through. But when only two women are featured and in very tiny roles, and one of those sequences revolves around an argument of who is NOT going to rape her... well, do you see what I'm driving at? Enough bro movies for awhile, Hollywood.

Otherwise, read my review for more details and then go see it. As one theater-goer said after the movie, "If this movie doesn't get 100% on Rotten Tomatoes, I'm going to kill myself." He REALLY liked it.

Okay. Check out this cross-promotional video of the Real World: Portland and This is the End in which Seth Rogan, Jay Baruchel, James Franco, Danny McBride and two Real World: Portland mannequins share a house together and get real. It's funny, but VERY NSFW. Headphones up!