Remember when it turned out an infamous Boston gangster on the run for years had just been living in Santa Monica? And it took an Icelandic beauty queen to help the feds find him? His trial's beginning, and it's damned interesting stuff.

Here's the latest protestations by National Security Agency officials that their data mining programs are on the up-and-up and not at all concerning or overbroad.

Oh, and look! Congressman Peter King of New York doesn't understand the concept of a free press. He wants Guardian journalist Glenn Greenwald prosecuted for reporting on the surveillance.

Most Americans want congress to have more say in the breadth of surveillance the NSA engages in, a new Guardian poll says. But a hell of a lot of people approve of the spying, too.

China loves all of this.

You can't patent your genes, the US Supreme Court says, in a rare unanimous ruling. But you can patent the synthetic version of genes? It gets confusing quickly.

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan is ramping up rhetoric aimed at quelling the country's heated protests, today issuing a "final" warning for protestors to abandon their posts in an Istanbul square. Given the police abuses that have already marked the protests, one wonders what Erdogan's got in store.

How a computer virus could literally stop your heart.

An article in a well-regarded medical journal calls on military doctors at Guantanamo to stop force-feeding prisoners, who've been on hunger strike for months.

In Louisiana, a chemical plant has gone and exploded.

Today, the Weather Widget speaks for herself.


You know what I was thinking? We haven't watched this in a while, and that's sad. You guys can have your hip new cat vidz. I'm kicking it old school.