"People always want to know—what happens to Margaret when she grows up? And I say, 'She doesn’t grow up! She’s 12. She’s always going to be 12. That’s it.'"

The AV Club has a great interview with Judy Blume up today—it's the first installment of Random Reads, a spinoff of their Random Roles series, in which actors talk about career-defining roles. I like that they're extending the concept to authors. Do Stephen King next! (I'm on a Stephen King kick—did you guys know he has a story in the new issue of Tin House? He does!)

And the country's most famous menstrual-scribe offers one last piece of advice:

But I just want to say this about your period: While you may not enjoy it, embrace it. Because it’s good to have it. Take it from me—it’s good to have it. I had it a really long time, but I don’t have it anymore. And I can’t say that I miss it, but I sure do miss the hormones.

All of this is roundabout way to tell you that this Monday marks the return of Blumesday—for the first time since 2007, a group of local writers are celebrating their favorite childhood author with a public reading of their favorite Judy Bume stories. I went to the first installment of Blumesday back when I was a little baby, and it was tons of fun. Readers include Courtenay Hameister, Laura Gibson, B. Frayn Masters, and not me for some reason (WTF GUYS).

They're only selling 150 advance tickets to the show, but as of right this second it looks like there are still some available. This was great fun last time-you might think you remember Blume's work, but if it's been a while since you've reread it, I guarantee you've forgotten how funny and complex it is, and hearing it live brings it all back.