New York is expensive and that tends to inspire concessions in matters of comfort and dignity. But, damn it, I hope this isn't really about to become a thing.

Apparently a—hopefully basically nonexistent—subset of New Yorkers have taken to sitting on the city's new bike-share bicycles, while they're docked, and pedaling backwards to simulate a spin class.

"Laugh if you want," a New York Times reporter apparently heard a sextagenarian in a jogging suit chortle to passing detractors, "but I never have to pay for a spin class again.”

As I know you all know, we're slated to get bike-share here sometime next year. THIS CANNOT BECOME A THING. If it is, indeed, something people are willing to do, in full view, in New York City, for the love of god just let that be another way tight quarters and unreasonable rents dement a populace. We're better than that.

Plus I'm pretty sure this doesn't work that well. The woman described by the NYT was just sort of backpedalling with no resistance. I'm not ashamed to admit I've attended a spin class or two. It is not easy, and it is not that.