What are we talking about this week? The subject tags on our weekly letters section are always an interesting way to take the temperature, and this week they read, "labiaplasty, sit-lie, KBOO, Lloyd Center." Okay then! Let's dig in.

—Reader Carina is aghast at an ad placed in our pages during the month of May offering labiaplasty services for women who feel self-conscious or uncomfortable on a bicycle... because "if men found riding bikes uncomfortable, no one would ever suggest they CUT OFF PART OF THEIR GENITALS." On a somewhat related note, I just found out yesterday that my nephew was given a partial circumcision without pharmaceutical anaesthetic.

—That goddamn "sit-lie" business again! We've been talking about this for years. It's been beaten back again, but ws and Patrick Nolen think the argument in favor of it might have some merit, were it to be framed realistically.

—There's all sorts of rumbling down at KBOO, which, as Ed Kraus points out, gives us all a moment to think, "Oh yeah! I almost forgot about KBOO!"

—Ian Karmel thinks you would enrich your experience of the city by riding the bus. Catbot sees that bus, and raises it a Lloyd Center. Agreed!

Just sittin here, lying around. Aint no thing.
  • Alex Despain
  • Just sittin' here, lying around. Ain't no thing.

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