The city's former urban forester says he was hoodwinked into taking a severance package two years ago. Now David McAllister says the city should pay him the money he'd have made if he stuck around until his planned January retirement—and a little extra, too.

McAllister filed suit in Multnomah Circuit Court on Friday, alleging city officials lied in August 2011, when they told him his position was being eliminate, and convinced him to negotiate a severance package.

The suit is short on detail or speculation of motive, but says the city's "representations were false and were known by defendant (the city) to be false at the time they were made." It says McAllister discovered in April 2012 that the position hadn't been axed. The suit requests $132,000—the sum McAllister said he'd have made above and beyond the severance package if he'd been allowed to work until January 2013, when he planned to retire. He also wants an extra $50,000 for "stress, worry , disappointment, and anger."

McAllister first submitted notice he
might file suit back in September. His attorney hasn't returned a call for comment. A spokesman for Portland Parks and Recreation said he couldn't comment on pending litigation, but the parks bureau's website does list an employee, Jennifer Cairo, as the city forester.