The latest Die Antwoord music video dropped today, for "Cookie Jumper," in case you missed your daily WTF.

This honestly seems like the most normal thing they've ever done. Yo-Landi infantilizing herself is kind of business as usual, and I only counted three cats in this entire video, which hurts their overall average of animal usage significantly. However, as always, there is something of a teaching moment in the opening skit, where we're delivered a little hint about South Africa's "Numbers" gang, whose mythology is impressively intricate. There's also a cameo-in-tattoo of the Cape Town Americans. Otherwise it's just kind of a rape fantasy jam that features some really nice crocheted bras.

Are we bored of them yet? I think I am, although I will say that their show at the Roseland last time they were in town was about 10 times as fun