• Natalie Sept

Stop by the Falcon Art Community tonight at 6pm for the inaugural installment of the live-work community's Wednesday Night Lecture Series ($10 suggested donation, 5415 N. Albina Ave).

Tonight's lecture will feature painter and Falcon Art Community member Natalie Sept, alongside photographer Israel Bayer, who Sept teamed up with to produce The Dishwasher Project— a series of paintings and photographs that document Portland's dishwashers. (Details on that project, right here.)

Apart from their shared art endeavors, Sept and Bayer are an interesting pair: By day, Sept works as a district representative for Congresswoman Bonamici; Bayer, as the executive director of Street Roots. While there's no official connection between The Dishwasher Project and the professional posts held by the project's creators, the duo's dedication to giving voice to the unheard is evident across their creative, personal, and professional lives. They work all day to help people, and then they punch out only to keep fighting the good fight. A very tall, sincere stack of gold stars goes to them.

For a brief overview of The Dishwasher Project, check out this piece we ran a few weeks back, and if you're curious about the mechanics of the project— how Sept and Bayer went about gaining access to kitchens, selecting subjects, conducting interviews, etc.— drop by the Falcon Art Community tonight and hear the full story.