Hi gang, I've got a pair of tickets to give away to tomorrow night's installment of Russian Roulette, a spinoff of the popular Back Fence PDX storytelling series in which eight storytellers spin a giant wheel to select a story prompt, and are given five minutes to come up with a true story based on that prompt. The audience gets to decide who wins and who is fed to the lions.

This time around the lineup includes Portland comedians Shelley McLendon and Ian Karmel, doorguy/actor Vin Chambry," and a woman who gives her former occupation as "peacock wrangler." Hit the jump for the full list of performers and bios.

The show is tomorrow night at Disjecta, 8 pm, tickets are here.

Email me with "Russian Roulette" in the subject line by noon tomorrow for a chance to win!

RENEE JENKINSON (PDX) Outdoor Program Teacher at a Local School + Travels the World Teaching Wilderness Medicine to Wild People + Worked as a Stand-In Hula Dancer on Wheel of Fortune + Once a Peacock Wrangler + Placed 15th in the Nation in Debate + Plays Bassoon & Accordion

BRIAN S. ELLIS (PDX) Nationally Renown Night Shouter + Curator/Host Now’s Ours Reading Series + Cab Driver + Cheesemonger + America’s Worst Escape Artist

SHELLEY McLENDON (PDX) Licensed Therapist + Writer/Actor & Producer of Bad Reputation Productions + Not Good at Returning Email/Text/Voicemail, Good at Seeing You in Person + Scares Very Easily, Please Approach Slowly & Make Loud Noises + At 5 Yrs. She Wrote a Song About a Cat Flying an Airplane

IAN KARMEL (PDX) Comedian + Was 5th grade I was a geography bee champion for the entire Beaverton School District + Been Scuba Diving with a Bunch of Sea Lions

VIN SHAMBRY (PDX) Door Guy at Dig a Pony + Co-Star of Super Chill + Obsessed With Ping Pong + Born and Raised in PDX + Been Married to His Best Friend for 7 Months + Realized the Dream of Being Pictured on the Pamphlet for His College

CORY HUFF (PDX) Digital Strategist for Creative People + Served a Chinese speaking Mormon Mission in Vancouver, Canada + Current Dungeon Master for Two D&D Campaigns + Can Speak Fluent Redneck-both Southern and Midwestern dialects

JENNIFER JASPER (SEA) Manages a Greek Restaurant + Has been to every Old Spaghetti Factory in USA, Installed POS Systems & was Software Trainer + Does Not Eat Spaghetti + Was Consoled by Burl Ives on a Train After Ripping the Bow off her Mary Janes at age 6

JASON SAULS (PDX) Announcer & Producer with OPB + Enemy to Those Who Can’t Appreciate 80s Hair Metal & Power Ballads + Once Shared a Cup of Instant Coffee with Peter Frampton + Sported Soul Patch & Goatee Months Before Pearl Jam Broke Nationwide