I really think the Supreme Court is an idea that needs reforming. I'm not talking about politics, here. Sure, I loathe how conservative (and in two cases, how utterly insane) some of the Justices are, but that's not my point. My point is that the Supreme Court is basically treated like royalty.

Talk all you want about how the executive branch has become way too powerful—hell, I'll agree with you on most counts—but I think the judicial branch was given way too much power to begin with. They're appointed for life. Once they get past the appointment process, they get to do their jobs without the accountability that other branches of government have to endure. The fact that the American public can't watch live video of cases as they're being made is maddening to me. And this is a petty issue, but I'm always so annoyed with how the rulings are delivered over a few weeks, like kingly decrees, with the most popular issues saved for last to ensure that everyone's attention is focused on the Court for the maximum amount of time. I understand the importance of patience and consideration in the judicial process, but the Supreme Court is weighed down with anachronism and ceremony, and could use major reform.