Remember that big Church of Scientology bash downtown last month—the one with the Photoshopped pictures that made the gathered crowd look way bigger than it was? We'll probably never know, without a fight, how much the Scientologists spent on the overdone and lavish affair. But here's one detail we can find out, thanks to the magic of public records:

Exactly how much the organization paid for Portland cops to help serve as extra security for the street bash.

According to its contract (pdf) with the police bureau, obtained by the Mercury, the Church of Scientology spent $6,184 to have 15 officers and two sergeants on site both Friday, May 10, and during the event Saturday, May 11. (Several came from the bureau's explosives disposal unit.)



So-called supplemental police services contracts, which offer in-uniform gigs for otherwise off-duty cops, are administered by the Portland Police Association. But they must be approved by precinct commanders. In this case, Central Precinct Commander Bob Day gave his approval. It's not cheap to do this—the bureau says at least two cops must be hired and for a minimum of four hours.

One notable example of this kind of contract? The Portland Business Alliance pays the salaries of four cops who are then assigned to the city's Clean and Safe Improvement District downtown.