Like you, probably, I've pretty much switched over to Netflix and Hulu and iTunes and other streaming methods to watch the shows I want to watch—waiting around for a network to air something I can see on-demand, at a time of my choosing, is increasingly pointless. HOWEVER, there is one network that I have recently fallen in love with, and I'm compelled to stop at whatever they have on whenever I'm flicking through the channels.


It is the This network and you probably get it even if you don't know it. On my TV it's channel 32-3; I don't know what it is on yours, and I also don't really know how televisions work, and also you probably watch enough TV that you already know all about this wonderful oasis of entertainment. I didn't, until recently. Anyway, it's a subsidiary of KCRW KRCW out of Salem Beaverton, but it gets its programming from This, which is nationally syndicated.

Here are some wonderful things I happened to come across on the This network while channel surfing in the past couple weeks:

The Golden Voyage of Sinbad: The 1973 Ray Harryhausen followup to the classic The 7th Voyage of Sinbad. This one's decidedly less classic, starring John Philip Law as a handsome wooden post with pecs and piercing blue eyes, Caroline Munro as a walking, talking bosom, and Tom fucking Baker as the villainous Koura. It's so great, and the Harryhausen sequences are as mesmerizing as anything he ever did. Trailer here.

Blind Rage: A 1978 grindhouse flick from the Philippines about five blind men who team up to rob a bank, only to be stopped by Fred Williamson, who drops into the movie for the final 10 minutes. Oh my god, this movie is so amazing. I showed the trailer to Erik Henriksen and he immediately bought the DVD from Amazon five seconds later.

The Hunting Party: A 1971 western that I didn't know existed, starring Oliver Reed and a young Candice Bergen. (Oliver Reed + western = :D :D :D <3.) I guess Gene Hackman's in this thing, too (here's the trailer), but I only caught a few minutes of it—during which I also witnessed...

The Greatest Commercial Ever Made. This came on close to midnight last night and took my breath away. It is amazing, wonderful, just perfect in every way:

Thank you, This Network. Please never stop doing the things you do.