We're all about the Back Fence PDX giveaways this week—we've got a pair to give away to tomorrow's installment of the popular storytelling series' mainstage show, featuring IPRC director Justin Hocking, screenwriter David Alexander, a joint reading from great Portland actresses Jordi Barnes and Laura Faye Smith, and more, all telling true, unmemorized stories on the subject "Anxieties and Phobias." Plus! Pretty ladies in swimsuits in Back Fence's annual Popina swimsuit fashion show.

To win tickets to tomorrow's show, email me by noon tomorrow with "Back Fence PDX" in the subject line.

I'll post the full list of storytellers after the jump! For more info on the show or to buy tickets, go here.

JUSTIN HOCKING (PDX) Director of the IPRC + Known by Friends as The Rooster + Did a lot of Skateboarding During
Graduate School + Wrote a book about his weird obsession with Moby Dick
DAVID ALEXANDER (PDX) Screenwriter + Most Proud of Having Three Daughters & Five Grandchildren + Sheds Tears
Watching Animal Rights Commercials + Able to Cross One Eye at a Time + Kicked off His Own Movie Set
MARY PURDY (SEA) Integrative Clinical Nutritionist + Once Swallowed a Quarter When Doing Sambuca Shots + Went to Camp
with Gwyneth Paltrow + Arrested in Panama City for Riding on the Back of Bud Light Truck +
JORDI BARNES & LAURA FAYE SMITH (PDX, telling in tandem) JORDI Grew Up on the Beaches of Sydney, Australia +
Owns Over 1000 Record Albums + Reprimanded 3 Times for Skating Too Fast at Oaks Park LAURA Audio Book Narrator +
Obsessed With Shows About Hoarding + Entertained US Troops Overseas + Freakishly Accurate & Specific Memory + Taken a
Joyride on a Black Hawk Helicopter
ROBERT KATSUNO (VAN) Financial Advisor + Loves Cuban ‘Son’ Music + Married to a Wildly Charasmatic Carioca from Rio
de Janeiro + Awarded a Prep School Basketball Scholarship + Pharmaceutical Virgin
DANI TURNER (PDX) Makeup Artist + Knows Every Line in The Rocky Horror Picture Show by Heart + First Kiss was at
Disney’s Haunted Mansion + Took Clowning in High School + Knocked Front Teeth Out, Twice
CURT HOPKINS (EUG) Journalist Who’s Written For the BBC, Salon & Christian Science Monitor + Lived in a Cave in Spain +
Electrocuted in a Guatemalan Shower + Appeared in the Movie “The Comedians of Comedy”