The 2013 Rigsketball tournament is upon us, and 32 local bands will compete for dominance over a basketball hoop bolted to the back of a van.

It's already become a sort of Portland tradition, started a few years ago by And And And's Bim Ditson. And now all the tourney info is available, including the locations of all the games, the details of a compilation tape of competing bands, and the tournament finals, which includes a free show at Holocene.

I'll post all the bands on this year's roster after the jump—there's 32 of them, and all together they make up a kind of oversized class photo of the Portland music scene circa 2013. You can also go over to the comprehensive Rigsketball site, and find a bracket, music from all the bands, videos of prior games, and a lot more. The tournament begins at this year's PDX Pop Now! festival on July 19-21 at SE Water and Taylor. Round two will follow at 4-8 pm on July 22 at Club 21 and 4-8 pm on July 23 at SE MLK and Taylor.

But best of all, the semifinals and finals take place Wednesday, July 24 outside of Holocene, block party style, at 6 pm (finals at 7:30 pm), and at the stroke of 8:20, everyone will go inside for the show. Heres who's performing: The Woolen Men, Wooden Indian Burial Ground, Minden (celebrating their EP release), Grandparents, Gaytheist, the We Shared Milk, and Mister Tang. That's a fantastic bill—and it's totally free.

All the info's over at Rigsketball.com.


Fanno Creek
Sorta Ultra
Mister Tang
The Morals
The Ex-Girlfriends Club
Rio Grands
And And And
Skip Roxy
Brownish Black
Otis Heat
Animal Eyes
Trick Sensei
Hustle and Drone
Vultures In The Sky
Con Bro Chill
Ed & The Red Reds
The We Shared Milk
The Hague
wooden indian burial ground
Suicide Notes
A Happy Death
Soul Ipsum
Souvenir Driver