In a bit of specificity we haven't yet seen in the case of Edward Snowden, the New York Times reports he's holed up in "in an apartment in Hong Kong’s Western neighborhood that is controlled by the Hong Kong government’s security branch." Coverage of Snowden, who faces theft and espionage charges here, has turned to speculation of how he might be detained and extradited to the US.

We're late to the party on the whole arming Syrian rebels thing. Libya was tossing them Qadaffian guns before it was cool.

The agonizing 911 call that will be a centerpiece in the trial of George Zimmerman—the overzealous neighborhood watch cowboy who shot and killed a black teen walking home from the store—will have to stand on its own. A judge has barred testimony from "audio experts" who would speculate on whether screams in the call are coming from Zimmerman or victim Trayvon Martin.

SUPERMOON TOMORROW, EVERYBODY. It's "THE full moon event of 2013." I just hope it's got its red underwear.

Paula Deen has been the worst for a while now. Remember when she kept telling us to make the least-healthy recipes in existence, all the while masking the fact that those selfsame recipes had probably given her diabetes? Now it turns out she's been dropping N-bombs like tablespoons of butter.

An 8-year-old Florida girl went missing last night, after a strange man befriended her and her mother and offered to take the girl to Walmart. The guy was a sex offender, the girl's body was found today at a church and everything about this story is sickening.

Protests in Brazil are still going gangbusters, partly because people are pissed off the government is dropping millions on stadiums for the World Cup while citizens don't have basic services. But, uh, the World Cup is still gonna happen, right?

Peace talks between the US and the Taliban remain stalled, but maybe there's progress?

This dog is straight up not that ugly. Even joke competitions need to have integrity.

The heavy machinery of national elections fundraising has already set into motion for Hillary Clinton's 2016 presidential bid, well before she's even announced that bid exists.

Weather Widget says there's stormy skies ahead. I'm writing this on my sunny front porch, banana daiquiri long reduced to a bit of wet film on the bottom of the glass, which I still insist on loudly slurping at through this green curly straw. You've gotta cherish the sun while it's out, is my point.


Lastly and most-regrettably, we had a staff meeting this week and of course it lapsed into erotic Angela Lansbury puns because: staff meeting. I was more-than content to let the matter die, but Alison Hallett is, it transpires, an outspoken champion for Angela Lansbury's right to feel sexy. So she started getting all preachy and sending this around to everybody. Now I'm making my pain yours. Enjoy.