Were I a brand consultant, I might gently suggest that Create + Cultivate change its name to something less vague and more interest piquing, because the daylong retreat for small business creatives and crafters does sound exciting. The event, which is a tightly timed and curated frenzy of "top bloggers, influencers & craftsmen, delicious meals, cocktail mixers, gifts, mingling, organic networking and so much more!" has taken place in Palm Springs, Los Angeles, Montauk, and Portland, with sights set next on Brooklyn. (It's the brainchild of (No Subject) marketing/branding/content development agency, which has offices here, L.A., and New York.)

This summer's Portland event is taking place July 27 at the Colony, kicking off with 9:30 am mimosas and including talks and workshops with guests like Betsy + Iya and Wildfang, food from Yakuza, and a mix of activities from then hands on (like a seminar about using more fresh produce in your cocktails) to more business minded discussions about branding and trend forecasts. Check out the complete schedule here.

Pom pom decorations from PomLove... yep, theyll be there too.
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  • Pom pom decorations from PomLove... yep, they'll be there too.