My my, it's Music Monday!

Tango Alpha Tango are all set to release their new album, Black Cloud. It'll be released locally this Saturday, June 29, with a show from the band at the Doug Fir, and a national release will follow on July 16. Here's the title track, a dirty, folky, stomping rock number that showcases the band's ability to turn familiar blues-rock tropes into something vital and current—a little bit nice and a little bit nasty. Songwriter Nathan Trueb says of the album, "we feel like it's an honest representation of our writing and playing. Most of it was tracked live to analog tape to get the feel of what we truly sound like." Again, Tango Alpha Tango play their album release show this Saturday at the Doug Fir.

If you don't recognize the band name Fault Lines, perhaps you knew them when some of their members played in the Angry Orts. They, too, have a record release coming up this weekend, and play the album release show for Tapes & Wires on Friday at the Doug Fir. Here's "Basins," a super catchy pop-garage song that comes from the album, recorded at Jackpot Studio with Larry Crane. See 'em this Friday, June 28, at the Doug Fir.

Here's a nutzoid remix of Portugal. The Man's "Purple Yellow Red and Blue," done by UK producer Two Inch Punch. Stripping down the song to its funky essentials, Two Inch Punch—how on earth did he earn that nickname?—builds it back up with synths and varispeed vocals. Portugal. The Man's new album Evil Friends came out earlier this month, and the Portland-via-Alaska band plays the Crystal Ballroom on Thursday, July 18.

Rio Grands are another new name, but they used to be called Rocky and the Proms. Their upcoming album boasts 26 tracks, each named after the name of a girl, A through Z. Here's the "L" entry, named "Liz." (I can't wait to find out what the "X" track is named, or "Z" for that matter.) This is a more uptempo number for Rio Grands, who otherwise make swooning, prom-ready, lounge pop. "Liz," while certainly romantic, has a bit of a harder R&B edge, but once that chorus locks in, we're all drunk on love. Rio Grands play a free show at Dig a Pony on Independence Day Eve—the 3rd of July (Wednesday)—with Thanks and DJ Cooky Parker.

Here's a ridiculously gorgeous remix done by the Helio Sequence, for a song by Gold Lake called "We Already Exist." The original is decidedly mellower, offering subtle restraint and a hushed delicacy. Under the Helio Sequence's direction, however, it becomes a gigantic, sumptuous epic, with a firm backbeat and details that glow like bright stars in the firmament—in other words, much in the vein of HS's own material. The Helio Sequence plays the Timber Music Festival outside Seattle on Friday, July 26, which sounds super fun. They also play two sets for MusicfestNW: opening for Animal Collective in the Square on Tuesday, September 3, and headlining the Aladdin on Saturday, September 7.