PhotoShop more or less killed the movie poster as a piece of art—now all you see behind glass cases at theaters are floating heads cut-and-pasted over other floating heads. Thankfully, a small market for better, cooler posters has gained momentum in recent years, with places like Mondo doing small-run printings of posters that are (A) awesome to look at and (B) take more than three seconds to slap together. Similarly, IMAX-branded theaters have started to offer limited-edition posters to those who show up to early screenings—like this one for Pacific Rim , by artist Sergio Grisanti, which makes the theatrical poster look really dumb.


Hero Complex has more details on the poster. I keep hoping studios will look at images like these and be like, "Huh. Maybe... no, just bear with me here... maybe we should start actually using these posters in theaters? Maybe that would be... radical?" Until they do, though, you're stuck trying to get a Mondo print (good luck) or shelling out for a midnight show at an IMAX. Via Ain't It Cool, here are the few local theaters offering the poster. If you're going to one of those and if you get a poster you should give it to me! I thank you in advance.