Hey, a fine surprise for Tuesday morning: Another track from Typhoon's upcoming album, White Lighter, appeared on the collection of tubes that we lovingly call the 'Net. "Young Fathers" uses some chop-paste pop production techniques in support of a song that still feels completely authentic, despite the deliberately artificial sound of its production. There's that chiming electric guitar barging in from what seems like another room, there's the call-and-response of the vocals, creating a dialogue that might or might not be in the narrator's mind. This is as buoyant and giddy as Typhoon get, soundwise, although the lyrics are still in furrowed-brow territory, with frontman Kyle Morton singing "I was born in September*/And like everything else I can't remember/I replaced it with scenes from a film that I will never know."

* Fun fact! Morton and I share a birthday.

The track is gorgeously complicated, with different sections and dynamics butting up each other in suite-like fashion. At certain points, "Young Fathers" is as galloping and bombastic as Typhoon gets, while other passages are the opposite, characterized by unadorned guitar and voice. It all builds up wonderfully to a swelling climax and a sudden ending, leaving me anxious to hear more of White Lighter. That album comes out on Roll Call Records on August 20.

Typhoon announced their upcoming tour dates today as well, and will play Portland as part of MusicfestNW on September 5 and 6.