It's Supreme Court Tuesday, y'all! Still no word on how the justices will come down on California's Proposition 8 or the Defense of Marriage Act (maybe tomorrow?), but here's some hot rulings to grumble over.

Sticking to ideological lines that showed starkly during February oral arguments, the court shot down a portion of the Voting Rights Act. The 5-4 ruling doesn't preclude congress from bringing racist electoral districts into line, but says the formula that's being used to identify that racism is unconstitutional.

Here: The New York Times is doing "live analysis."

But affirmative action is maybe okay. A hefty 7-1 majority sent a case challenging admissions policies at the University of Texas back to a federal appeals court. In doing so, justices told the court to more-heavily scrutinize the school's arguments for using racial preferences. But it also took a strong stance that such preferences are allowable under the right circumstances.

Also, the court decided who gets to raise baby Veronica.

And just like that, Science has found us three new planets to kick back on once we destroy this one. Science: Finding you new worlds to live on after the results of scientific progress lead you to murder your own.

Or perhaps the president is about to step in before that happens

Those much-discussed peace talks with the Taliban? Not looking so hot. The militant group attacked the Afghan presidential palace and CIA headquarters in Kabul yesterday.

Where's Edward Snowden? According to Russian President Vladimir Putin still in Moscow, waiting to leave the airport. Putin says Russia won't extradite Snowden and claims security officials haven't even spoken with him about the massive amounts of top secret information he's privy to. Seems counterintuitive.

Just because you're terrible at "maths" doesn't mean your azalea bush has to be.

We get it, Weather Widget. It's summer but it still sucks outside. Yin and yang. Fun joke.


In preparation for an alleged actual summer, I'm going to perfect this technique so I can blow sun-drenched minds. You can watch the video, but no one actually try this. It's my thing, now.