Remember Miley Cyrus? She used to be tameable but then couldn't be tamed all of a sudden? Well she's back with an awesome punky haircut and a series of ideas that are unstoppable but it doesn't matter because nobody would want to stop them anyway! Check it out, and be sure to watch for:

-> A crotch with smoke coming out of it.
-> Somebody eating a money sandwich.
-> A skull made out of french fries (that later gets stepped on).
-> Giant teddy bear backpacks!!
-> Miley Cyrus making out with a Barbie who looks like Miley Cyrus
-> Somebody sleeping on / eating a giant pile of bread.
-> A Piñata full of beef jerky.

As she said, only God can judge her. And if I were him, and I saw her wearing those giant teddy bear backpacks, I would judge her AWESOME.