A reader writes...

DOMA has been struck down but that doesn’t ensure equal benefits for all same-sex married couples. Because federal agencies use different standards to determine who is married—some use a “place of residence” standard and others use a “place of celebration” standard—many SSM couples who are married in one state but residing in a state where same-sex marriage is prohibited won’t be eligible for many federal benefits. President Obama can change all of this at the stroke of a pen by issuing an executive order mandating a uniform place of celebration standard. This would mean that, effectively, everyone in the country would be able to get a federally recognized same-sex marriage and all attendant federal rights and responsibilities.

Here’s my Whitehouse.org petition asking the president to issue that executive order.

I'm just some nameless internet nobody, but I was hoping you could promote the petition.

Happy to help. The petition, once again, is here. I've already signed it. It's your turn.