Radiation City
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Another week, another Mercury music section to toss in the air in celebration as you learn that seven of the top 10 musicians on Forbes' 2013 "Most Powerful Musicians" list are ladies.

Over a long, fascinating conversation with Radiation City, the band and I talked about Adam Duritz back tattoos and "old balls." We also talked about their great new album, Animals in the Median, which—in case you couldn't tell—is not half-assed in any way.

LISTEN: Radiation City - "Summer Rain"

Alela Diane talks about the dissolution of her marriage and band, and what led her to write the songs on her painfully honest and beautifully aware album About Farewell, which is the Portland songwriter's best work to date.

LISTEN: Alela Diane - "The Way We Fall"

Béisbol is Spanish for "baseball," and it's also Portlandese for "glowy summer pop made by two obsessive compulsive brothers."

LISTEN: Béisbol - "Nothing Strange"

Let's argue! For our first ever Debate Club column, Mark Lore and I prattled on about two Fleetwood Mac albums that aren't Rumours. Aaaaaaand you just lost interest. (Vote for the best non-Rumours Fleetwood Mac album on Blogtown!)

LISTEN: Fleetwood Mac - "Oh Well"

Plus the usual abundance of Up & Coming shows.