In this week's issue, we present Debate Club, in which two music fans get together and bicker about the music that your parents used to listen to. For this first installment, Mark Lore and I discussed Fleetwood Mac, who are playing the Rose Garden this Sunday, June 30. Mark and I attempted to reach a consensus on which Fleetwood Mac album is their SECOND best. (Rumours, of course, being the FIRST best—that part is not up for debate.) Mark championed their 1979 double-album opus Tusk, while I chose 1969's Then Play On, an album from the pre-Buckingham/Nicks era, during which Peter Green was the guitarist. You can read the whole long conversation right here.

Here's the part where we turn the discussion over to you: Who won the debate? Which album is in fact Fleetwood Mac's second best album? Did Mark make a good case for Tusk? Did I convince you that Then Play On is an overlooked masterpiece? Or are we BOTH wrong?

Vote for Fleetwood Mac's SECOND best album right here! In addition to Tusk and Then Play On, we're including some extra choices for you, including 1973's Buckingham Nicks, the currently out-of-print album Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks made before joining Fleetwood Mac. (Wm.™ Steven Humphrey owns this album on 8-track and gives it an "mmm-hmmm!" which is the highest recommendation music can receive.)

So vote now, or go your own way!