Okay, gang! Let's try this new thing I just came up with called TRAILER WAR, where I show you three movie trailers and then you vote for which movie you want to see most! (Or, as the case might be with today's offerings, which movie you want to not see the least.) I will also include an actual trailer in the voting, just to keep things fresh. HERE WE GO!

Thanks for Sharing, in which Mark Ruffalo is a SEX ADDICT! Also Gwyneth Paltrow, Earth's Most Hated Celebrity, is in it? And some other people? It mostly looks like it is about a guy who is definitely not Mark Ruffalo. Look, I love Ruffalo as much as anybody else, but... this... doesn't look very good.

Hell Baby, in which Reno 911! guys Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant make a Marlon Wayans movie. I know some of you like Reno 911!, but I'll ask you to try to watch this all the way through before stupidly voting with your stupid heart.

Escape Plan, in which Sly and Arnold try to break out of Parrington Retirement Living for Fun and Feisty Seniors a prison. I feel like it would be both humorous and a good idea for this movie to be released with subtitles.

2013 5' x 10' 3K Ramp Tall Trailer by Continental Cargo, available now at Trailer City Portland (908 NE Columbia) for $3,089. This trusty beauty comes with rear fold-down stabilizer jacks and a rear ramp door.