SUMMER OF HORROR—The always-reliable Hollywood Theatre is kicking off a summer series of classic horror films, all set at summer camp! Tonight starts it off with the 1983 cult slasher Sleepaway Camp, which features quite a precedent-setting surprise twist ending... no spoilers! MS
Hollywood Theatre, 4122 NE Sandy, 7:30 pm, $8

GRAVEYARD PICNIC—Metro crams a bewildering potpourri of activities into Southeast Portland's Lone Fir Cemetery for its Picnic with the Departed event. You'll be free to picnic, clearly, but then there will also be music, a speech from former Governor Barbara Roberts, and actors previewing a production of Macbeth? And lots of buried people, of course. DVH
Lone Fir Cemetery, SE 26th & Stark, 5 pm, FREE