Look, up in the sky! There's a terrifying ball of fire up there. Just in case it starts, like, heating up the planet or something, you should probably hydrate. Head to Overlook Park for the North American Organic Brewers Festival. It's like a slightly chilled out version of OBF later in the summer, only all the beer is organic! Which is still a thing, I guess!

Anyway, seriously stay hydrated by like drinking water or something in between beers. Last time I went to this shindig, there was an organic bacon beer from Uncommon Brewers (on again at the fest this year), which, under hot sun and between sweaty bodies, made me wish for water like I usually wish for bacon beer.

There's going to be live music, like four to seven acts a day, not to mention ice cream and pizza and beer games and every other thing that's ever been fun. Highlights, beer-wise, will probably be Old Town Brewing's awesomely named "I'd Like To By The World a Kolsch," the new Aberrant golden farmhouse ale from Logsdon Farmhouse Ales (this one's a cloudy, muddy, delicious yellowy mess of a farmhouse golden, full of estery fruit and alcohol and so damned drinkable), and a personal favorite, Uinta Sum'r. Really, drinking any one of these beers in the sun in Overlook Park is worth the price of admission.

Speaking of the price of admission, it's already low (six bucks), but you can save an extra buck with a Tri-Met pass, a ticket from the on-site bike corral, or three cans of food. So save a buck and save some gas or save some people who need a meal!

Yum! It's literally happening right now! Get out there!