John Aravosis thinks so. I'm not so sure. Let's take a look at the Family Research Council's latest effort:


At first glance it does seem rather unfortunate. But maybe what the FRC is trying to do here is enlist the closet cases in the fight against same-sex marriage. Maybe what this logo says is, "Out of the porn shop video booths and into the streets!" And maybe little kneeling blowjob guy is saying that he'll join the fight against gay marriage just as soon as finishes giving one last blowjob in the back of this porn shop. But FRC can't quite understand what little kneeling blowjob guy is saying because little kneeling blowjob guy's mouth is full... of cock... and the person whose cock little kneeling blowjob guy is sucking is the one who's saying "I'm in." Maybe it's that? Or maybe this is the most unfortunate anti-gay logo and slogan in history.

On your knees? I'm in? Little kneeling blowjob man? If this isn't the work of a gay graphic designer I'll eat my laptop.