The 7 Corners Comedy Open Mic is celebrating its one-year anniversary this weekend. In the year that it's been around, it's quickly become a favorite place for local comedians wanting to hone their acts, as well as audience members who want to see some great work, without a lot of the bullshit that comes with going to open mics if you don't plan to get onstage.

Producer Joe Hieronymus is celebrating the mic's birthday with "One Trip Around the Sun," a showcase featuring some of Portland's most popular comedians. For only $5 this Sunday night, head to 7 Corners (2002 SE Division) to see Ian Karmel, Whitney Streed, Sean Jordan, Barbara Holm, and Xander Deveaux, with Hieronymus as host.

"We're really proud of what this open mic has become," says Hieronymus. Some of the comics say it feels more like a workshop than an open mic. "It’s not just someone onstage with a bunch of other comics talking in the back. They’re actually listening and enjoying. Since it's the first part of the week, a lot of new jokes come out that’ll be honed over the rest of the week. A lot of new jokes start on Sunday."

There are a lot of open mics and a lot of showcases in Portland. If you like comedy, you can catch it almost any night of the week. This Sunday, for just $5, head to 7 Corners at 8pm to get the best of both.