I was talking with someone about The Carol Burnett Show the other day, and after we stopped trying to one-up each other about which one of us thinks she's more brilliant, I realized: who doesn't love a variety show? If there's part of it you don't like, well, just wait a minute and there'll be something new. The loss of the variety show in modern entertainment is a dramatic loss indeed.

And so, YAY for Comedy Grab Bag! You got your video shorts, you got your improv comedy, you got your guest monologist, you got your standup comedian — tons of different kinds of comedy, all in one show! How could you beat that? Of, maybe with a cheap price and great bar? Well, lucky you, they have you covered.

This weekend's show (Friday and Saturday, 8pm, $6, Action Adventure Theater at 1050 SE Clinton St.) has the theme of "Time Travel." Check out monologist Dylan Reiff and comedian Whitney Streed, along with video by Jason Williams and improv from "The Baguettes," who are Ashley Barton, Annie Rimmer, Al Zimmerman, Matt Shmuck, Jason Williams, Megan McGeorge, Jay Flewelling, and Kimberly Brady.

So go check it out. They've got something for everyone. Unless you hate to laugh and have a good time. But come on. Don't be that guy. Get out there and smile.