I'm beginning to think the I, Anonymous Blog is getting a bit "poop obsessed." Behold...

I hope the dog poop spread across your windshield and air intake vents is easy to clean. Wouldn't want to inconvenience such a considerate person such as you.

So, here's my warning: keep it up and I ain't curbing my dog from your front lawn. I walk my dog real early, while you're still sleeping it off, so we are guaranteed a clean getaway.

How many times have I walked down the stairs to find your 4-legged master taking a BIG NASTY STANK right there in my garden?

Here's an idea... why not mix things up with a little cat poop? Or maybe gerbil poop? Just think about it... and drop off your rants and confessions in the I, Anonymous Blog—where creativity is just an animal poop away!