In this week's Sold Out column, I found myself in the unexpected position of question the relevance of high heels, wondering if modern women were gradually rejecting the most uncomfortable iterations. Height, mind you, is not going to go anywhere; platforms (hidden or visible) and the popularity of thicker, more supportive heels have made it easy to go to extreme heights with far more comfort than a pinchy, thin-heeled stiletto. Fashion show producer and writer (and Merc contributor) Elizabeth Mollo agreed with the theory, declaring "I wouldn't ever, ever, wear stilettos again. Women are heading to a more functional place, and I think that includes great looking and comfortable footwear that one can actually walk and live in for extended periods of time."

I also asked two other fashionable women, who specifically work full-time in the shoe world, Aiyesha Christian of Halo Shoes and Maya Dahlgreen of Solestruck. Click over to check out their very different opinions on the fate of footwear.