After a wintertime hiatus, Union/Pine has announced that they're re-joining the neighborhood shenans that happen on First Fridays of the month, beginning with this Friday's July edition. And far from a low-impact, quiet show with cheese and crackers, they're planning a group art show featuring the extended family of artists and makers behind Red Clouds Collective (local makers of backpacks, belts, briefcases, sketchbooks, lighter holsters, knife sheaths, and many more useful items), with work on display from Mark Warren Jacques, David Wien, James Douglas Mitchell, Seth Neefus, Perry Pfister, Taylor Brubaker, Owen Johnson, Adam Baz, NA Armstrong, Shamus McClellan, Jason Levins, and Timothy Karpinski. On top of all that, there will be live music from Gregory and the Hawk, Vikesh Kapoor, and Settlers, which should be enough to keep your interest for well longer than the average spin through a Pearl District gallery.