FILM—All this month, the Hollywood Theatre's series Handmade Monsters: The Masters of Practical Effects reminds you what movies were like before computers ruined everything. Featuring four classic, 100 percent CGI-free monster movies, the series includes 1958's The 7th Voyage of Sinbad, 1962's King Kong vs. Godzilla, and 1981's An American Werewolf in London... and it all kicks off this weekend with 1933's fantastic King Kong. EH
Hollywood Theatre, 4122 NE Sandy, see Film Times for showtimes, $6-8

PATIO DANCING—Absolutely no one wants to be inside on a night like tonight. The White Owl's Summer Nights Series takes the dance party to the out of doors on their expansive patio, and they're celebrating the red, white, and booze with a girl-group edition, with DJ Beyondadoubt ladying the turntables. CF
w/Danny Dodge & Matty, Alice & Tim; White Owl Social Club, 1305 SE 8th, 8 pm, $3-5